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Technical (construction) expertise of buildings and structures is an assential. Identification of structural defects and the reasons for their  occurrence as well as development of strategies for addressing the  problem.

Technical (construction) expertise is necessary in the following cases:

  • formation of significant defects during construction or operation
  • planned increase in the load on the structure, determining the possibility of superstructure or expansion, changing the intended use of the building
  • chips, cracks, deflections and other significant structural defects
  • destruction of steel structural units, bends and other deformations of steel beams, destruction of structural supports
  • Vertical and horizontal insulation leaks
  • leaks of roofing materials and sheet metal
  • insufficient thermal insulation

The examination includes calculations of structural strength, analysis of deformations of structural elements and measurements of deflections, measurements of the degree of humidity of structural materials,  studies of soil conditions , as well as determination of other necessary strength and operational parameters.

The findings allows us to make further decisions.

The construction expertise provides you with all the necessary documentation. It contains information for the inspection of buildings, a detailed inventory, as well as the results of tests and measurements of structures with the necessary conclusions.

Construction expertise is an important investment in your real estate.

Our company will take care of a professional inspection of your buildings.

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