ZUBR Company inc.
Is a well-established and respected architectural firm operating regionally, nationally, and internationally as well. We pushing the boundaries of design and sustainability through systematic and progressive thinking as we adhere to a more artistic and spiritual approach to architecture. We desire to create surprising architecture that overtly defies conventional design and yet remains elegant as a form of art. We do not want to relate meaning to the design but try to create a new meaning within it. While acknowledging the surrounding environment, the structure’s purpose and the developer’s needs, our designs strive to become visual statements as well as bridges between our physical world and the infinite imagination.Our firm also unifies wants and needs with practical answers to create efficient, resource-smart, sustainable and intelligent solutions. We commit to promoting the highest standards of environmentally sustainable buildings. ZUBR Company inc. is committed to promoting the highest standard of environmentally sustainable design that incorporates the elements of nature:


Solar thermal collectors.

Thermal storage Walls.

Solar energy.


Natural ventilation. Structures with exterior air space. Natural cooling systems.

Buildings with the wind turbine systems.


Systems of the collection of rainwater.

Roof water sprinkling systems.

Ground water and filtration systems.


ECO-buildings. EKO-walls.


In-ground buildings.


Focuses on environmental,

sustainability, functionality,

and imaginative appeal.


Forested street alleys and parks. Planted roofs with gardens.

Urban organic farms.

Children’s playgrounds.

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