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Mikalai Yarmolau is the President of the ZUBR Company inc. 

He has been working in the construction industry over 15  years. He graduated from the Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship of the University in Europe. His greatest passion is running a business and consumer satisfaction. He is also enjoys diving and overall seascape.


Damian Tomashevich – principal & lead designer. 

Damian Tomashevich is an artist and a gifted designer who embodies intellectual curiosity with a talent to integrate cultural, spiritual and environmental values and aspirations while creating innovative ideas.

He studied art, architecture and urban planning in Europe and US. His 20-years portfolio of work on a wide range of public and private division projects demonstrates a proven ability to deliver holistic and enduring design solutions. For more than five years, he worked as a researcher and practitioner in the field of the preservation of historical churches.

His research and expertise also comes from his continuous studies of applied arts, philosophy, and eastern & western cultures, which also influence his approach to all his architectural projects. He studied architecture in California State University. Prior to establishing this firm he worked for award winning architects including Walter Carlson AIA, FAIA, Gensler & Thompson, Stainback & Assos. He is very sensitive to the issues of the natural environment and the preservation of life, culture and art.


Jury Palonski – construktor, designer. 

Yury Polonski educated in the field of civil engineering in Europe. He has more than 12 years of experience as a designer and technical  expert of buildings and structures, as well as roads and bridges. He has been a partner for the past decade and has worked with multidisciplinary teams to organize clients in a highly collaborative manner.

He is personally involved in most of the company’s projects, ensuring that each project benefits from his experience and knowledge. His wide range of design experience covers high-end residential, administrative, adaptive, commercial, educational and multipurpose projects in Europe.

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